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Okay, so I'm a little behind, but I wanted to let you all know how much fun the girls had this year for Halloween. Selecting costumes for them this year was quite simple. With the help of a few shops on the girls were outfitted as a ballerina (Reagan, of course) and as Little Red Riding Hood (Maren).
Reagan had a blast in her tutu and "ballet" shoes. Yes, if you recall information back from September, those are her pink sparkle shoes for this fall. I have a hard time getting her to wear anything else.

Maren didn't really get into trick-or-treating last year, mostly because she was only 7 months old. This year was much more exciting. She tried her hardest to keep up with the "big kids" (other 4 year olds running around) and run from house to house.
Halloween is an especially fun time at our house, since the girls love to play dress up. So, there is a never ending supply of costumes. Which is good because when it comes to Halloween dress up at daycare, I can't bring myself to send them in their real costumes. I have this fear that something will happen and the costume will be ruined before it even has the opportunity to yell "trick-or-treat" once. My answer, I send them in old costumes or dress up. Below, I have Reagan the princess and Maren the cheerleader. Everyone was happy! Reagan went to several long-term care and assisted living facilities with her class for trick-or-treating and Maren (in true Maren style) almost ruined her outfit.
Things have been fairly quiet here. The girls are growing up quickly and starting to play well together (at times). On rare occasion, I can even get them to stand still for an early morning photo.
Tidbit From The Past: Yes, you did recognize the cheerleader costume above on Maren. It's the same one Reagan wore for her second Halloween, age 20 months. My way of doing my part and recycling!