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More Swimming, Less Crying!

Finally! We had a "fairly" successful night at swimming lessons for Reagan. To fill you in, this was lesson #8 for her and all the previous lessons had many tears and numerous trips out of the water begging to let her be done. Tonight, Reagan put up minimal fuss (for those who know her well enough know this is not an easy feat) and (for the most part) did what the teacher requested. She is now putting her face IN the water upon request (albeit she covers her eyes with her hands, silly goose) and will float on her back or on her tummy using a kick board (instead of holding on to Miss Mary's neck for dear life). After lesson #4, I actually asked her teacher if it was better to stop then or continue (think MEGA tears) and she had the good sense to tell me to keep pushing little red, that she would be swimming by the end of the summer. I'm starting (but not completely) to believe her.

Behavior is also at an all-time high (minus punching a little boy in the stomach last week for not letting her be the line leader) at school. Reagan is racking up the green cards and keeping Mommy and Daddy proud of their big girl.

Maren's vocabulary is building quickly. Just tonight, she proved to us that we watch entirely too much Dora the Explorer. I picked up one of Reagan's school bags and Maren said, "backpack." She then quickly went around the room filling it with objects. Speaking of objects, Maren has a new favorite toy set. She just discovered Fisher-Price Little People and is in love. Now, if Reagan would just allow her to play with them, we'd be doing well. Why, you ask, has Maren just now seen the (tons) of Little People in our house? Because they have been in our basement hiding until Red's behavior improved...think long term time out for the littlest people (and remember the previously mentioned stomach punch). Ladybug has also discovered a love for reading, which makes me extremely happy. I wish I had gotten a video recording of her reading to herself in the car this week. Picture baby in a car seat reading a board, listen for... ble bala blab bleah she turned the pages.

Maren is getting ready to move to a new room at daycare. I'm nervous. She will no longer be sleeping in a crib for naps, but on a mat instead. Now, I survived this with Reagan (at 12 months), but somehow Maren seems younger (at 16 months). Yeah, I'm babying her, I know. But it's my right as her mother.

We're getting ready to head to the beach in a few weeks. Super excited and so ready for a vacation! We have friends joining us for the week and look forward to a fun visit from Gran and Tee. Maren didn't really experience much in the way of sand last summer (and certainly hasn't since then) so it will be interesting to see her reaction. Crossing my fingers that it's a good one.

Tidbit from the Past: Reagan started putting words together in phrases at 18 months of age. Her first sentence, "No, Mommy." So not surprising since it's still one of her favorites. Maren was born with a head full of dark brown hair and it has gradually changed to a very light (almost blonde) brown. Way number two she is similar to my favorite sister.


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