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Fall Family Fun

We've been super busy since the fall season arrived. Keith and I were home for Columbus Day this month and decided to finally finish Reagan's room. I've been wanting to finish her room for about two and a half years now and was so happy that we finally completed the project.

Now, as I mentioned before, I switched out the hardware on her dresser and nightstand to something a little more contemporary. I love the selections and the huge difference from the antique pieces.

We went back and forth deciding between designs to add to Reagan's Pepto Bismol pink walls. Our first thought was stripes, thanks to inspiration from my cousin, Mrs. vB, of Boots & Totty. However, after realizing the precise measurements involved, we selected polka dots. Fun multi-sized and colored dots. Well...that didn't work out either. So, Pepto pink it is. Good thing paint wipes off well if you act quickly! Here are the after photos:

Not super fancy, but Reagan was thrilled and I was just happy it was finished. A special thanks goes to my friend Amy of Amylou's Accessories for making the girls' adorable wall letters.

In other news, today we visited a local pumpkin patch. The kids had a blast running around and playing with all the extra features. Reagan got to pet two horses, slide down a very sketchy slide, play in corn (as in a large bin filled with kernels...think ball pit with corn), navigate a corn maze, and pick out pumpkins...of course.

Reagan petting a horse (the first time).

Where Maren spent most of the trip.
Stroller not required!

Playing in the corn. A little gross, but she loved it.

Pumping water.

Playing on the tires.

Riding the "cow thing"
I made Red take the first cow (yada yada yada, previous cow accident).
Poor thing was eating dirt.

My Scarecrow and Frankenstein.
Formerly known as Reagan and Daddy

Loved the white ones!
Maren agreed.

Running around deciding on which pumpkin to adopt.

Maren made her choice and promptly struck a pose.

Having a great fall!

We recently returned from a road trip to the Homeland, Land of Ham, as I like to call it. The girls got a chance to visit with Tee, Gran, and Mamie and had so much fun. Since we are many hours away from my family, it is great to get the chance to let the girls bond with their grandparents. We went to a fall festival given by my former school and ran into many friends I had not seen in many years (not counting Facebook). Another plus, we had the best 8 hour (total) car trip ever! What a relief! I am still thanking the in car DVD player gods because I know they had something to do with it all.

As you can see, the girls are doing well and having fun. We are enjoying the continued beautiful weather here, for at least as long as it lasts. Reagan is doing well in school. Maren has started mimicking Reagan's every move. Super fun to watch even if it annoys Reagan thoroughly. But, hey, what are little sisters for, right?

Tidbit from the past: We hit the same pumpkin farm last year. You can tell it was colder that day. Reagan rode the cow thing last year as well. Maren spent all her time in a sling on my hip. Good to know that not too much has changed in a year's time.


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