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Am I really doing this?

I'm looking for a way to keep up with the wonderful experience of raising two daughters. There are so many things that happen on a daily basis, or things that are said that I never want to forget. I just wish I had started this when Reagan was younger.

As of today, my girls are 4 years and 12 months. Reagan is my oldest. She's this fiery little redhead that will cuddle with you one minute and turn around and punch the dog, Murphy, the next. Maren is the baby. Her personality is evolving each day. She loves to be held and laughs constantly.

I picked up the girls from daycare today. Reagan's teacher told me of her behavior, resulting in a "red card." Yeah, we need to work on her listening skills. Maren also seemed to have a difficult day. She bit her teacher at least twice and a fellow classmate once. Great, heading down that road again. I'm hoping it's due to teething. It looks like she's close to cutting her canines.

So, I'm testing the waters with this whole "blogging" thing. Not sure where it will go, but interested in the ride.


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