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Ladies' Weekend

So, it's a girls' weekend. Keith is out of town in NC with his Dad, BIL, and BIL's brother. We started the morning off with a garage sale at my MIL's home and had a blast. The girls and I got a chance to hang with the ladies (and two young gentlemen) on Keith's side of the family while taking in cash for our junk. Everyone seemed to have tons of fun, despite the super early start to the morning.

We returned home for lunch and immediately after, the strangest thing happened: REAGAN PUT HERSELF DOWN TO NAP. Now, if you don't know my oldest child's sleeping history too well, I'll recap for you. She often whines about naps, usually requests a "short nap", and takes forever to go to sleep. So, today was nothing short of amazing. She walked up on her own and was asleep in 10 minutes. After I picked my jaw up from the floor, I proceeded to put Maren down for a nap as well. Aahhhhh, time alone, what do I do? Nap, shower, clean, play on the computer? I chose all but nap, which is funny because that's the one thing I'm always complaining about not getting to do. Fast forward two hours, yes, two hours, and the oldest wakes. I sit here typing and the youngest is still sleeping, heading toward 2 1/2 hours, a new record! Don't worry, she'll choose to wake as soon as I'm in a position not to be able to get to her quickly, usually when I'm on the toilet.

We're looking forward to dinner out with the ILs tonight. My only request was that we eat at 5:00. I feel like I'm 80, having to eat so early, but the youngest does prefer that early bedtime still.

By the way, Maren has now doubled her vocabulary. She now has 2 words she uses correctly on a regular basis: bye-bye and uh-oh.

Tidbit From The Past: When Reagan was much younger and learning to talk, she pronounced I love you as "shu shu." It was something she did for months, until she could pronounce it better, and Keith and I thought it was the cutest thing in the world. We would even sign our e-mail messages to each other with "shu shu."


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