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Excuse me ma'am...

"Did you know there was someone on your back?" I often hear this when out with my girls. This is because I usually have Maren strapped to my back in either a Mei Tai (MT) or Soft Structured Carrier (SSC). I get interested looks, questioning looks, and, of course, comments from those that are feeling brave. I have enjoyed "wearing" Maren since she was only a few months old and it has certainly helped free up my hands to keep up with Reagan as well. I can probably count on one hand the number of times Maren has ridden in a stroller. It's just not convenient, plus she loves riding closely to Mommy.

The latest news with us: Mary Paige is married! She married the man who is now Uncle Nick to the girls and we couldn't be happier for her. She asked both girls to participate in the wedding and we were honored. A little nervous and unsure...but honored. I say that because we had no idea if both or either girl would go down the aisle. They did and everything turned out perfectly. Aren't they adorable? MP made their sashes...she's a whiz!

On the home front, little changes here and there. Reagan's school behavior is improving. She's enjoying summer at daycare with ice cream and water play on Tuesdays, loves being in Miss Ellen's class, and is always coming home having learned something new. Maren is talking more now. She's up to over 15 words and signs frequently as well. Some favorites include dog, ball, mine, and apple. She's consistently signing more, milk, and eat, among others. From what i can see, her top two one year old molars are coming in along with another front tooth on the bottom. Her latest hobbies include reading and terrorizing her older sister. Yeah, that's fun for all involved.

Reagan is continuing her swimming lessons, although we not getting very far. Our biggest hurdle is that she hates to put her face in the water. She is working on being brave, but her progress is on the slow side. Many thanks to Miss Mary for her patience in teaching her how to swim.

Tidbit from the Past: Reagan was born with red hair. From the time she was born until she was almost a year, people constantly told us it would fall out and come in a different color. They were wrong. She has the most beautiful hair color along with the wildest personality to fit. I wouldn't want it any other way. Here's an old photo from one of my early baby wearing days with Reagan. She doesn't exactly look happy in this photo. That may be part of the reason I didn't use that carrier much.


Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

You're blogging? WOO HOO!!! SO excited! Can't wait to follow you and keep up with you and the girls!
xoxo, Elaine

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